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The Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management (JBAM), ISSN 1930-0158, is IBAM's fully on-line academic publication. We created the Journal in support of our mission to provide an international outlet for our contributors and members. The rigor associated with the pursuit of academic excellence through a journal, coupled with the experience of practicing managers, provides a strong foundation for IBAM's ongoing vitality and thought leadership.


While stressing the importance of a culturally diverse membership base, JBAM assists us in our efforts to provide an avante-garde forum for the presentation, discussion, and publication of papers submitted by academics, practitioners and students. In addition, through JBAM, we are able to continue fulfilling our mission of providing developmental opportunities for academics, practitioners, and students.

We invite you to consider JBAM for your next scholarly publication related to the field of management. We are looking for articles that describe field, laboratory, and applied research, management cases, as well as practical and theoretical pieces that help both academics and practitioners better understand the phenomena of management in the modern world. As a completely electronic journal, your article may be read by potentially anyone using the Internet, providing a world-wide audience of students, lecturers, professors, practicing managers and many others who may be interested in your topic.

Here's a brief summary of JBAM's circulation data:

  • Reach: Global

  • Readership: Academic and Practitioner

  • Issue Frequency: Three times per year (September, January and May)

  • Subscription Price: Nominal $40 to cover publication costs (subject to change without notice)


Minutolo_4367 Small Crop.jpg

  John Garger       Paul Jacques    Marcel C. Minutolo      

  Associate Editor            Editor                          Past Editor

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management is composed of officers and members of the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management. Currently, the members of the Board are as follows:

RuthAnn Althaus, Ohio University

Francis (Frank) L. Jeffries, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Scott Jeffrey, Monmouth University

Sara Kimmel, Mississippi College

Keiko Krahnke, University of Northern Colorado

Thomas Martin, University of Nebraska at Omaha

James McElroy, Iowa State University

William Reisel, St. John's University

Betty "Liz" Ross, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Herbert Sherman, Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

John Sosik, The Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley

John Stakeley, Robert Morris University

Ernie Stark, Logikos & Experientia

David Van Fleet, Arizona State University

Angela Young, California State University, Los Angeles

Carolyn Youssef, Bellevue University

Past Editors:

** (affiliation at the time of Editorship)**


Marcel Minutolo, Robert Morris University (2015 - 2022), Melody Wollan, Eastern Illinois University (2014 - 2015), Angela M. Young, California State University, Los Angeles (2011 - 2013), Ernie Stark, Bellevue University (2007 - 2010), Herbert Sherman, Southampton College - L.I.U. (2005 - 2006), John Humphreys, Eastern New Mexico University (2003 - 2004), David D. Van Fleet, Arizona State University at the West campus (2001 - 2002), Daniel James Rowley, University of Northern Colorado (1999 - 2001)

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